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The Importance of having a Website

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As unlikely as it may sound, there are still a number of businesses and sole proprietors in the world today who currently do not have a good commercial website. The reasons for this are numerous and varied. They include such arguments as websites are expensive, websites are a trouble to keep updated and there is simply too much competition between websites. Smaller businesses might like to have a website but simply do not know where to begin. In the increasingly technological world of today, it is critically important not only to have a company website, but to have a good commercial website. The reasons for this include the fact that good websites are more cost effective than competing forms of advertising. They are like a salesperson who works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Remember that they are typically the first impression of a business which potential clients will notice.


Having a website is less costly than other competing forms of advertising. Any business man, or woman, who spends money on advertising, will agree that traditional forms of advertising are almost always very expensive. The more effective such advertising proves to be, the more it costs. Yellow Pages ads, billboard advertising and even magazine and newspaper ads can be ruinously expensive and they still do not guarantee the amounts of traffic and customers that any business needs to survive. With a web site, the costs are limited to a couple hundred dollars of upfront expenses to have a professional and effective website designed and then search engine optimized for maximum search engine placement results. The monthly costs for having web hosting are negligible, typically just a few dollars a month. Contrast this with thousands of dollars in upfront costs for Yellow Pages ads or billboards, and with many hundreds of dollars for even a single run of advertising in a magazine or a newspaper.


Having an entity who works literally twenty four hours a day and seven days a week should be one of the main reasons for everyone to have their own website. The importance of this cannot be overestimated and is the reason why we mention it twice. If someone told a business man or woman that there was a means of garnering sales even while the business was closed and when the owner was sleeping or on vacation, then most people would agree that such a business person would be a fool not to be interested in it. A website is exactly this— an entity working on the business owner’s behalf. It does not simply work 24/7, but also 365 days a year. This is an often forgotten selling point in the argument of having effective web sites; they do not take off for Christmas or two weeks’ vacation.


A third important reason as to why every enterprise today must have an effective website lies in the fact that it is the first impression of a business which potential clients will notice and remember. A business person is always interested in ways to build good first impressions of his or her brand and business name. One of the best ways in accomplishing with this is of course in presenting potential and returning customers with an attractive, informative, and generally helpful website. More than just a corporate logo and a company motto, a website offers a wealth of information about the business person’s company, history, lines of business, and products or services which are featured, along with helpful functions like price lists, descriptions, and pictures. Perhaps most importantly, the website presents a visitor with the opportunity to order right away.


The importance for any serious business to possess an effective website these days should not be overlooked and neglected. In case the reasons mentioned above were not enough to convince the reader of how important it is to maintain such a virtual presence on the Internet, then perhaps this little tidbit of information will. Consider that for any business, whether or not the individual has a website up, he or she can be sure that his or her competition most assuredly will have one.

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