Above & Beyond is an award winning Townsville web design agency servicing all regions of Australia.

Early Beginnings

Above & Beyond was founded in 2000 by Damien Viero, whom was only 16 at the time. Over the course of 23 years, Damien’s passion and commitment have propelled him to the forefront of the industry, leaving an indelible mark on the web design landscape.

Damien Viero founded Above & Beyond in 2000

A Pioneer in North Queensland

Damien Viero made history as one of the very first web designers in the north Queensland region. His early entry into the field showcased not only his precocious talent but also his unyielding determination to push the boundaries of what was possible in web design.

High-Profile Clients and Awards

Our portfolio boasts an impressive array of high-profile clients, including household names like Redsbaby, Jetstar, Skyrail, Boating & RV, Cruise Master Suspension, Focus on Furniture, Mitre10, and many more. 

Our exceptional work has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades throughout our career:

  • In 2011, Damien’s exceptional work on the Cairns Reef Hotel Casino website secured the “Best Website” award at the state multimedia awards, an achievement made all the more remarkable by his age at the time, a mere 23 years old. You can view the award-winning project here: Cairns Reef Hotel Casino Website.
  • In 2018, Above & Beyond’s design prowess shone through again as their work on Cruise Master Suspension received the coveted People’s Choice Award at the BigCommerce Design Awards, surpassing 600 entrants and 22 finalists. Discover the award-winning project here: Cruise Master Suspension.
  • In 2020, once again we were celebrated when our work on Redsbaby earned a prestigious user experience and design award for the Asia-Pacific region. The project showcased our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation. You can explore the award-winning project here: Redsbaby.

Themes That Soar

Above and Beyond’s innovation extends beyond client projects. In 2020, we introduced the “Elevate” theme to the BigCommerce theme store, an instant success that held the title of the top-selling theme for six consecutive months, a testament to our design acumen. In 2023, we unveiled our latest creation, “Niche,” which has been met with resounding acclaim, reaffirming our position as a trendsetter in the world of web design.

A Global Reach

Damien’s and his team’s expertise transcends geographical boundaries, attracting clients from around the world. From the United States to the United Kingdom, New Zealand to Australia, we have collaborated with a diverse array of clients seeking our web design skills.

Unparalleled Client Satisfaction

With over 75 positive reviews from satisfied clients, we is celebrated not only for our technical skill but also for unparalleled attention to detail and personalized care. We have a remarkable customer retention record, with some clients remaining loyal for over two decades, speaks volumes about the trust and admiration we garner in the industry.

Many of our clients love the honest, reliable and professional manner in which we dedicate ourselves to our work.

We’ll deliver on time, within budget and above & beyond your expectations.
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Team Leaders

Our team of web designers and web developers are constantly learning new skills so you have the most advanced website available. Meet some of our key staff who will look after your project to the very last detail.

Damien Viero

Founder & Director

Damien founded the business in 2000 and has over 23 years experience working on over 400 different projects.
When he's not helping clients, he's riding his mountain bike or fishing.

Paul Cartwright

Project Manager

Precise, punctual and organised. He'll kill you if you haven't done something on time.
Loves talking, cricket and eating mexican food.

Michael Hannah

Client Relations

The man behind user experience, new business & client relations.
Always wants to add something new to this world. Loves biking, photography & music.

David Pires

Technical Lead

With experience in Desktop, Web and Mobile software development using a multitude of technologies, David is ready to step up to any challenge big or small, he also makes a mean omelette!

79 Five Star Reviews and counting All Reviews

A&B have been instrumental in customising an off-the-shelf template for JetStar. I would highly recommend them for any website help going forward.

Melissa JonesJetstar Duty Free

Stop looking and go with Above&Beyond the name says it all!

Glen Rowehttp://beds4kids.com.au

The level of communication was outstanding, and the on-going support that we've received has been fantastic.

Rosanna Rigatorhttp://octopuskids.com.au

It is very refreshing to deal with a business that believes in under promising and over delivering.

Josh Millshttp://doubleplugga.com

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