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How we worked with BigCommerce to Fuel Over 200% Sales Growth for Whipple Superchargers Australia & YellaTerra

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Whipple Superchargers Australia and YellaTerra are two of Australia’s leading suppliers of aftermarket performance parts for the automotive industry. However, their outdated website was hurting their business, with slow website speeds, poor mobile user experience, low conversion rates and issues with shipping calculations. They needed a new website platform that would be easy to use, require less maintenance and provide scalability and security. 

Above & Beyond Web Design:
Delivering a website that exceeds expectations

Whipple Superchargers Australia and YellaTerra partnered with Above & Beyond Web Design and migrated their website from WooCommerce to Bigcommerce and underwent a major transformation that resulted in over 200% sales growth.


After a thorough consultation and evaluation of Whipple Australia’s needs, Above & Beyond Web Design recommended Bigcommerce as the perfect platform for Whipple Australia’s website. The team was instantly on board with Bigcommerce’s functionality in terms of ease of use, scalability and security.

The key to over 200% sales growth

With BigCommerce, there is no need for us to maintain web hosting or plugin updates to the platform, which saves time, money, and development costs. The website now loads much faster, providing a better experience for customers and as a result, the conversion rate has increased dramatically, and the number of phone orders has also gone up.

Jim Petrakis, the owner of Whipple Australia and YellaTerra, was thrilled with the results: 

“Our website is so much better since we moved to BigCommerce. Online sales have increased by over 200% and phone orders have significantly increased as well. Customers are able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, which has resulted in more sales.” he says. 

“We were using WordPress & WooCommerce for our previous website, but it took a lot of work to keep it up to date and secure. Every week we had to have our developer login and update plugins for us. We needed to find a platform that was easier to use and required less maintenance so we could focus on our business.”

Why Above & Beyond?

Whipple Australia was not only impressed with BigCommerce’s eCommerce platform, but also with the expert web development and design skills of Above & Beyond Web Design. Our team created a website that was functional and visually appealing, accurately reflecting the quality and innovation of Whipple and YellaTerra’s products.

Jim had this to say about his experience with Above & Beyond Web Design: 

“Working with Above & Beyond Web Design was a fantastic experience. The team was incredibly professional and delivered a website that exceeded our expectations. The website is functional and looks great, which has contributed to the large growth in sales we have seen since launching the site. We were so impressed we had our other website for YellaTerra rebuilt by Above & Beyond on BigCommerce as well.”

“We wanted to ensure that our customers had a great experience when shopping on our site and Above & Beyond’s new website for us has nailed that.”

The new BigCommerce website built by Above & Beyond Web Design has been a game-changer for both brands Whipple Australia and YellaTerra. The increase in sales growth, improved user experience, and ease of use have all contributed to the success of the new website. 

The dedication and professionalism of our team has made the transition from WooCommerce to BigCommerce a smooth and stress-free process. Whipple Australia is thrilled with the results and highly recommends Above & Beyond Web Design for any business looking to improve their online presence.