Damien our director just came back from the BigCommerce Partner Summit in Sydney where he learned more about the future of the ecommerce software.

Meeting the BigCommerce Team from Sydney, Australia and Austin, Texas.

One of the most worthwhile takeaways from the day was meeting the team at BigCommerce. Such friendly, passionate and knowledgeable people. Their enthusiasm for the company is infectious.

With thanks to Daniel Fertig, Kamila Chandler, Steve Roberts, Lynn Torbert, Brian Adams, Travis Balinas, Nate Stewart and the rest of the BigCommerce team for hosting the event.

Damien Viero at BigCommerce Partner Summit

“Off to the BigCommerce Partner Summit for a day of training and product updates 🙂 “

“It was wonderful to meet with the BigCommerce team. Your help and support dedicated to your partners is unsurpassed and we are absolutely delighted to be involved with the BigCommerce family.

Back in 2010 we were looking for a robust, easy-to-use and scalable SaaS ecommerce platform. Now, 8 years later we couldn’t be happier and will continue to recommend BigCommerce to our clients. We’ve tried all ecommerce platforms. Simply put, BigCommerce cannot be matched for out-of-the-box functionality and price. The stability and scalability of the platform allows our customers to grow their business without worrying about software updates or server downtime, and we can focus on what we do best – designing and developing their websites. It’s a win for all involved.

The BigCommerce team put on a truly informative day which has inspired and excited us about the future for many years to come.”

– Damien Viero
Director of Above & Beyond.

BigCommce for WordPress Plugin & Headless Ecommerce

An exciting announcement was the beta launch of the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin. This will allow users with content rich WordPress websites to continue to publish using WordPress but also integrate a shopping cart powered by BigCommerce directly into their WordPress site. You can scale your business with a WordPress front-end site but use BigCommerce to handle all of the products, sales and order fulfillment – which will free up server resources. You will also be able to run multiple sites that feed back into a single unified BigCommerce control panel. It’s really exciting stuff!

Watch the teaser video below:


New API developments for Cart, Checkout and Payments

BigCommerce showed us they have been working very hard on improving their API’s (Application Programming Interfaces). With special dedication to their cart, checkout and payment API’s supported by Stencil themes. These updated API’s allow developers to fully customise the checkout experience in BigCommerce and create on the fly shipping rates for custom couriers and payment gateways. Providing the ability for developers to have much more control over these key areas and build out more robust solutions for their customers.


BigCommerce Product Updates & Future Roadmap

One of the main reasons we love using BigCommerce is it’s constantly evolving with new features.

Just in the past 6 months an array of features have been added:
* Improved Refund Capabilities
* Akamai Image Optimisations
* Price Lists
* Ebay Product Import
* Google AMP Support
* Cornerstone Stencil Theme speed optimisations
* Improved Control Panel Search
* Credit Card Vaulting for fast repeat purchases
* International Launch of Instagram Shopping

That’s only a few of the key updates and we can go on and on with more.
We were also shown some of the product updates on the horizon over the next few years that BigCommerce has planned for it’s merchants. Some of these are top-secret for now but we can assure you we are very excited! They are making improvements in all areas for merchants and also developers.

Overall it was a very worthwhile day and we learnt a lot. We will definitely be attending every Partner Summit from here on out.