Award Winning Web Design

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I.T. Systems Administrator Marisa Dickenson pictured with our award for ‘Best Website’ in the advanced category at The Queensland Multimedia Awards held at The Cairns International Hotel, Saturday 25th October. The category was judged on creativity, design, usability and content over the entire website

The award is a fantastic recognition of the hard work and dedication of Damien Viero, Managing Director of Above&Beyond Web Design and Marisa’s I.T. Team at the Casino.

“Constructing a website for a complex such as ours was not a simple task. Every department was asked to submit information and images for their section on the website. Damien, working in collaboration with the I.T and Marketing Departments worked at piecing the information and images together into a visually stimulating and informative website.

Our new look website was launched in February this year and continues to receive more unique visits every month. The website is updated regularly with new accommodation specials, entertainment news, menus, employment opportunities and much more.” – A spokesperson from the Casino commented.

If you have not explored our award winning site yet, be sure to check it out.

Congratulations to Damien Viero from Above&Beyond for making our website THE BEST!

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