“I was frozen in disbelief. Finally an outfit that understands my needs!

Above & Beyond hit it out of the park….and beyond. I was seeking a web design company that would be able to capture my vision and turn it into pixels….you know the kind, the ones that form a website. Previous to finding Above & Beyond I had a few bad rounds with designers and my spirit and confidence were at an all-time low but I knew

I had to get this website completed so I turned to Big Commerce for direction. They suggested that I checkout their list of “recommended designers”. That is where I found Above & Beyond. So I took another leap of faith and fortunately it was a “successful” leap.

Upon my initial reach-out, I sent Above & Beyond a ton of information regarding my needs, from both a function and visual standpoint. In less than 24 hours I received an e-mail with a link from Damien of Above & Beyond. Not knowing what to expect I clicked the link and a video presentation began to play…..To say I was impressed would be an understatement.

Damien covered each and every point regarding my website needs. After the video presentation was done I was frozen in disbelief as I thought to myself, “Finally an outfit that understands my needs and is going to make this a reality”. Let me add that was the first of several videos I received from Damien.

As a client I can be a bit demanding and Damien showed professionalism every step of the way. he was patient beyond belief. The website was completed in the time frame promised and anytime I have a question I reach out to Damien and he’s always their to guide me. Doing business with Above & Beyond was truly a wonderful experience. Thanks Damien 🙂

Jack Bendrihem
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