Above and Beyond’s work on Cruisemaster Recognised As People’s Choice Winner in 2018 BigCommerce Design Awards

We’re thrilled to announce the website we built for Cruisemaster was named People’s Choice winner of the 2018 BigCommerce Design Awards! Out of over 600 BigCommerce stores who entered and 22 finalists, we are so proud to have been chosen by voters to win the People’s Choice award. 

According to Damien from Above and Beyond Web Design on behalf of the Cruisemaster team:

“This site is quite complex, with a lot of moving parts and the customer wanted a much more information focussed product page. We also had a timeframe of only 5 weeks for completion.
The site is fully custom and responsive!
The product page is completely custom with multiple banners, captions and tabs but is able to be updated by the client using the Custom Fields section in BigCommerce.
We also set up a store locator and did store training as well.”

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