BigCommerce... it's what we do

Custom BigCommerce Template Design

We can custom design and install your own BigCommerce template to make your website look exactly how you want it.

Our custom BigCommerce website designs start from $2,995 and typically takes 4-5 weeks from start to finish.

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BigCommerce Addons

We’ve listed some of our most popular bigcommerce addons for a fixed price, you can purchase these here – once we receive your order we will contact you and begin work. Most addons can be completed within 5 working days or less.

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Template Modifications

If you already have a store setup, but need something tweaked or changed we can definitely help.

You might want to: Make a certain product stay in a fixed position on the featured products page or completely redesign your stores menus. How about adding in a new panel on the sidebar?

Not only can we do these things, we are also in a great position to put new feature requests to BigCommerce directly.

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Convert your design to BigCommerce

Already have a website, design or layout completed and want to set it up on the BigCommerce platform but don’t know how to code it into a template? That’s where we can help.

Send us your design or layout files and we can convert it all into an SEO friendly BigCommerce compatible template.

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Store Setup & Training

If you need help or just don’t have the time to setup your BigCommerce store we can do this for you.

We’ll handle the everything to get your store online including setting up: PayPal or other payment methods; Ensuring Taxes & GST are setup properly; Configuring shipping methods; Connecting your store to your domain and much more.

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